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Learning From The Best

Develop a mentoring system or a peer group to develop each other’s business and create your own mastermind group.

Plan to spend one day each quarter or four to five days per year working with a peer group. For new advisors a mentoring system is critical to the first four years in the business. Write a list of top advisors whom you can develop a peer group with. They may be local or in other cities across the country. With teleconferencing it is easy to develop a world class network of advisors to share ideas, give feedback and build ideas with.

Grant’s Tip: Be the ringleader on this idea. It will pay the most dividend cheques you have ever seen. Start the group, schedule the calls or meetings and develop and control the agenda. Then watch all the answers you have been searching for in business suddenly appear. Not only will your production go up, but your enjoyment of the business will go sky high. Instead of listening to the negative attitudes of other advisors, get with a successful group.

If you are in the developmental phase of your business and learning everything seems a huge task, work with a mentor or group of mentors who are willing to share their time and expertise in helping you find your way. Success leaves clues, and finding successful advisors in your area or your company shouldn’t be that difficult. Approach them on a mentoring or peer grouping basis and you will be sure to find that they are also willing to learn and grow from the mastermind principle.

This strategy can be developed in a couple of ways. First, form a peer group amongst associates in the industry in different cities. Then have a scheduled conference call each quarter and focus on a couple of topics and invite a speaker to co-ordinate the call. For example wouldn’t you like to know more about developing effective seminars. Organize a conference call and ask a popular speaker in the financial industry ( call me for example ) to host a conference call dealing with seminars. If the geography or time permits, hold the meetings face to face and deal with the issues and topics of importance.

A second way to do peer grouping is also a marketing idea. How about holding a meeting for successful entrepreneurs on business issues and topics such as marketing. Invite several successful CEO’s and business owners and develop a success forum where they can meet on a regular basis and share ideas. Some advisors have used this method successfully to attract top business owners as clients. You are seen as the catalyst for bringing insightful ideas while meeting other successful people to learn from.

Do your homework and research numbers, bring it to the table of your peer group.

  • Select the marketing weapons you will use

  • Create a guerilla marketing plan

  • Develop a guerilla marketing white paper

  • Decide the priority order of launching your marketing

  • Decide in your firm who will be responsible

  • Develop the plan, execute and measure

This is your chance to do an incredible amount of research and brainstorm an effective plan. Ask yourself, doing this exercise, will it be worth it? Will you get great sales and feedback and avoid mistakes? Gain Experience? Absolutely. This is one major key to your plan so put this on the list of to do’s!

Your peer group will be able to guide your development and grow. You can gain excellence by assembling this group together.

One final way of establishing a peer group without doing all of the legwork. Call up your favorite wholesaler and have them establish a peer group with their top representatives. They have a chance to sit in and learn and at the same time and gain valuable feedback to help their business. They may even gain some referrals by finding out who your peer group is and network with them. Also, each of the representatives invited get a chance to possibly meet a new wholesaler and other top representatives that they can learn from. Your wholesaler will be delighted to be part of the process and may even cover costs such as boardroom, printing notes and circulating them as well as lunch!

Copyright 2003 By: Grant W. Hicks, C.I.M., Co-author of "Guerrilla Marketing For Financial Advisors", Trafford Publishing 2003.

You may use these articles in your marketing, newsletters and web sites as long as you retain the copyright information at the bottom, including the link to our web site and inform us where it is being used as well as sending us a copy of the publication.

Always check with your compliance office and or branch manager before implementing any marketing idea. The information does not constitute a recommendation for the sale or purchase of any securities or insurance.