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Finding Marketing Team Builders

Here are some hiring techniques for Financial Advisors. Hiring and training people is the most costly and time consuming expense in a Financial Advisor's business. You want to hire someone who is like your best client and treat them that way.

In developing your business plans, you will want to hire individuals who are client and team builders. They don’t need an MBA in marketing, however having a client centered approach is critical in building your image. Have you ever left a professionals office, frustrated by the way you were treated by the staff? Or have you been impressed by the way you were treated? The next time you visit a world class franchise, see if you can recognize the top staff. They are all getting paid the same, however one person can make or break your experience.

Now think of your practice. Are you impressed by the appearance and professionalism of the staff? A story I once heard about guests at a Walt Disney resort was how the staff cleaning the room paid attention to placing the children’s toys each day differently as they cleaned the room. The guests felt like every detail was important to the whole family. Now how much did they pay that employee ? How much did it cost Disney to give that family that great experience. Nothing, yet it was worth a thousand referrals to their resort.

Strategy: How do you treat your best client? Really think this question through. Now how do you treat your team member(s)? treat your team members as your best client and you will develop the experience that you are looking for throughout your organization.

Grant's Tip: Make sure that you are never completing $10 per hour tasks as a financial advisor. If you are doing any task that is $10 per hour and your time is worth $60- 100 per hour or more, it is costing you $$$ per hour to do these tasks. When you are hiring, think down the road. Do you need two people, one for marketing and client communication, and one for administration and processing? Break down the daily tasks that these people will be completing and put a dollar amount of the type of task.

Sales Support

Producers in this industry tend to use the term 'sales assistant'. If I go to the car dealer and I want service I go to the service department, I don’t go to the sales department but the service department, which is usually clearly labeled. If your client wants service, do they go to the sales assistant? Why not go to your client service manager. That is the title given to my 'sales assistant'.

A 'sales assistant' should be renamed to communications manager. They are to ensure that you have plenty of appointments set up whether it be client reviews or new contacts, they should be the one in touch with your database. Depending on your size here is what your team may consist of-:

  • Full-time registered Client Service Manager

  • Full or part time Communications Manager

  • Client service assistant(s)

  • Top wholesalers

  • Printing and graphic designer

  • Compliance officer to approve your marketing

The Most Important Concept in Team Building is to get the right person and use the additional time to see new clients. If you can’t afford staff at this time (which I highly recommend you hire anyways ) consider hiring out on contract. After the first few years in the business, I couldn’t afford to hire a full time person, but I hired a marketing consultant on a contractual basis to do newsletters, mailers and prospect communication. This cleared up valuable time to look for new clients.

Also on your list of marketing team builders are wholesalers. They can be an invaluable part of your team when it comes to marketing. Their marketing departments usually have successful marketing and communications people to work with. See strategy # 15 for more information.

A marketing, printing or communications company should also be on your team. Finding a great graphic designer to do adds, seminars , business cards etc. is important to you successful delivery of your messages. Ask the top marketing people in your area who they use for their printing and design.

Finally, your compliance and or in house marketing people. You may have all the resources you need inside your own company. Your compliance officer may or may not understand your marketing efforts, but it pays to have them help you get the approvals you need.

Copyright 2003 By: Jay Conrad Levinson and Grant W. Hicks, C.I.M - Co-author of "Guerrilla Marketing For Financial Advisors ", Trafford Publishing 2003.

You may use these articles in your marketing, newsletters and web sites as long as you retain the copyright information at the bottom, including the link to our web site and inform us where it is being used as well as sending us a copy of the publication.

Always check with your compliance office and or branch manager before implementing any marketing idea. The information does not constitute a recommendation for the sale or purchase of any securities or insurance.